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It’s a strange feeling when your friends begin to lose their parents. When I receive that call it is almost like a slap in the face- a wake up call that that, too, will be me one day. And I dread that day.

I’ll be honest- it surprised me the first time a friend lost a parent. I had grown up respecting these people who invited me into their homes, gave me rides to and from various school activities, celebrated with us at high times and cried with us a low times. My friend’s parents were a constant part of my childhood, teen and even adult years and I was unable to imagine life without them. Much less imagine life without my own parents.

But, as time would have it, I have began attending funerals that I never truly believed I would attend. And each and every time I learn of the passing of a friend’s loved one, I find myself wondering what I should send to the funeral.


Should I only do a donation? Should I send flowers? Or maybe a plant? What about a card? What should I write on the card? And here I sit, stressing over the perfect thing to say when, in reality, it doesn’t matter what I say. What truly matters is that I cared; that I acknowledged their loss and pain.  

And as I sat and thought about truly honoring someone’s life, it occurred to me that there is no better way to honor one’s legacy than with the gift of permanent remembrance. Yes, rather than send traditional flowers or plants or a simple card, I would honor their family and their loved one in a way that would be appreciated for decades yet to come. I would give their family the gift of remembrance. The gift of permanent memorialization. The gift of forever.

How? With an Emerson Monument gift card.

We all want to be remembered, whether we admit it or not. We all want someone to remember the good that we did and the fun that we had. We want those that we love to forget our flaws and cherish the wonderful and the good that we truly were. And with the gift of permanent remembrance we can do just that.

Emerson Monument gift cards can be purchased online and sent directly to a friend via email, or included with a card. They can be used online or in the store and can be used for anything the family may need, including:

  • Adding the deceased’s date of death on their headstone if one is already in the cemetery
  • Purchasing a new cemetery memorial
  • Purchasing a remembrance stone for their landscape
  • Purchasing a memorial bench to be placed at a park in their loved one’s memory
  • The options are endless and timeless

So the next time you need a funeral gift idea, simply follow this link and give the gift of remembrance forever. 

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