Smith Marker

This marker features a fresh design that strays from the ordinary. We love how the mountains and sunrise, eagle and fish create a tribute to the person who loves the outdoors.

This marker is made of Georgia Gray granite and measures 2′ long x 1′ wide.

Marker thickness is an important thing to keep in mind. By “thickness” we are referencing the height of the stone from the ground to the top surface. The industry standard for a marker is a minimum of 4″ thick. You may be wondering why, and that is a great question. In the cemetery equipment is constantly driving in and around. Heavy machinery is needed to dig and perform burials, install memorials and mow. If any of those vehicles accidentally run over a marker that is a minimum of 4″ thick, the likelihood of it breaking is slim. However, if they were to run over a marker that is only 2″ thick, or even countertop thickness, the likelihood of breakage is extremely high.

For that reason, markers typically come in two common thicknesses- 4″ thick and 6″ thick. The one shown in this image is 6″ thick, which allows us to install it above ground. Had it only been 4″ thick we would have had to install it flush with the ground.

For more information on markers, or to begin creating your own unique memorial, please follow this link and a member of our team will be glad to contact you.


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Smith Marker

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