Barre Granite Single Bevel Marker With Margin


Barre granite is a premium granite that is both beautiful and durable. The polished margin on this memorial truly dresses it up and sets it apart from others.

The price includes engraving on the marker and installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR. We will contact you if your cemetery has any rules, regulations or requirements that result in additional charges.

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*Please note that, in the photo the tablet is sitting on plastic “chips”. That is so we can easily move the tablet here at our shop. The tablet is actually attached to the base when we install it in the cemetery for you.

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Additional information

Bevel Marker Dimensions

Bevel Marker measures 2'2 long x 1'2 wide x 6" tall in the back and bevels to 4" in the front