Black Obelisk


We love the stately look offered by an obelisk! They are both classic and classy.

This obelisk in black granite features a beautiful color contrast between the natural and polished textures of the stone. This would look stunning with a cursive font used for a name and dates in the black oval and a last name engraved in the black sub-base underneath it.

This memorial is featured as a Bob’s Bargain because it has been a “floor model” for a number of years and we are now ready to make room for new inventory.

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Additional information


Top of the obelisk is 8" wide x 8" thick x 36" tall

Obelisk Base (underneath the top)

14" long x 14" wide x 6" tall

Tablet (in image the piece with black oval)

Tablet measures 12" long x 12" wide x 14" tall


Sub-base is 16" long x 16" wide x 6" tall


Base measures 22" long x 22" wide x 10" tall