Double Upright Memorial Available in Multiple Colors


One of our most popular double sizes, this stone has plenty of room to a design or images that tell the story you want to tell- forever. Try adding an emblem of faith, a favorite verse, a wedding date or anything else you want people to see. When you purchase your monument we will discuss your design ideas with you and will send proofs over for you to review, change and sign off on.

The monument dimensions are listed below, but it is important to note that this monument is sized to act as a double monument (for two or more people). Given the base length, it could be placed on one plot that is 5′ wide, or it could be centered over two or more plots. There is not room on this monument to add flower pots.

The price on this monument includes the tablet (top), the base (bottom), engraving on the front (design & text), as well as installation in most cemeteries. The price does not include any engraving on the back (can be added in the shopping cart), photos, flower pots or other accessories, or sales tax. You should already be aware if your cemetery has requirements that will result in an increase in price. Should that apply to you then we will contact you.

This beautiful memorial is marked down because we have had it in inventory for a while and would like to make room for additional items.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top) Dimensions

Tablet measures 4' long x 6" thick x 2' tall. It is all polished, traditional serpentine top shape.

Base (Bottom) Dimensions

Base measures 5' long x 1' wide x 6" tall. It is polished on the top, has a polished margin along the top edges, and has a rocky bottom border. There is no room on this unit for flower pots.

Base is only 5' long, so it could be placed on (1) plot that measures 5' wide if allowable by the cemetery, or it could be centered over two or more plots.

Available Colors

Cat's Eye Brown (as shown), Black, Bahama Blue, India Red