Colorado Mountain Top Double Monument


What a stunner! Our craftsman, Glenn, is nationally known for his hand-carved mountain top monuments, and you can see why- they are beautiful! You can customize this monument by adding the last name in cursive or print- whichever suits your personal style.

There is plenty of room to add wedding rings, the kids’ names, a Bible verse- any kind of adornment that you like.

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Additional information

Tablet Dimensions

Tablet Measures 4' long x 8" thick x 3' tall. It is hand carved into rocky mountains on the top, polished on the front and back sides of the stone and rocky on the right and left outer sides. If you look closely you will notice a little tree line carved just below the mountains as well- a nice, finishing detail!

Base Dimensions

Base measures 6' long x 1'2 wide x 8" tall. It is polished on the top and rocky along the sides. When we install this monument we will dig our standard foundation underneath the stone and pack it with a dry pour. We then level it and install the monument on top of that.
Some cemeteries require a decorative pre-formed concrete pad in addition to our standard foundation. If that is the case with your cemetery we will contact you to arrange the ordering of the pre-formed pad.