Double Cremation Memorial With Cross


This cremation memorial is versatile and pretty! Behind the two black granite doors is space for cremation urns and mementos.

People commonly ask us if the doors seal. Yes- they do! We seal them once you place the urns and/or mementos.

People also commonly ask if you have to put anything inside. No- you do not. We will still seal the doors for you to prevent unwanted access.

The price includes:

  • Solid black granite cross
  • Gray granite cremation unit and black niche doors
  • Base
  • (2) solid black granite flower pots
  • Engraving on the niche doors only
  • Installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR

You may choose to engrave on the cross for an additional $800 per side. To get an idea of how other families have completed this memorial, check out the Bolin memorial.

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*Please note that, in the photo the tablet is sitting on plastic “chips”. That is so we can easily move the tablet here at our shop. The tablet is actually attached to the base when we install it in the cemetery for you.

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Additional information

Black Granite Cross

Cross measures 1'8 long on the cross arms x 6" thick x 2'6 tall. It is completely polished and features polished chamfers on the front.

Gray Granite Cremation Unit

Cremation unit measures 2'6 long x 1' wide x 1'3 tall. It is crafted from gray granite and features sawn flutes on the front only.

Black Granite Niche Doors

Niche doors are crafted from black granite and measure 12" tall x .5" thick x 11" tall. This is plenty of room to engrave each individual's name and dates of life.

Gray Granite Base

Base is 4'6 long x 1'6 wide x 4" tall. It is polished on top and rocky on the sides. This base may be centered over two cemetery plots, or centered on only one plot.

Black Granite Vases

Vases measure 6" diameter x 10" tall. Vases feature a drain hole to allow for proper drainage.