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Georgia Gray "Cut & Core" Style Monument

This Georgia Gray Cut & Core style monument features a built in flower pot in the top center of the memorial (and associated drain hole on the backside)- perfect for the family that loves to decorate but wishes to reduce the maintenance often associated with stand alone flower pots.

Notice the scrolls on the top left and right side? Those are where you engrave individual names and dates. See how the sides of the scrolls are rolled? Those rolled up sides actually have a beautiful meaning!  They represent one’s past life and eternal life- an alpha and omega.

A shared family name is engraved in the long rectangular panel at the bottom of the stone and an optional wedding date could be engraved beneath the rings.

The back side of the monument is blank- the perfect place to add an engraved family name, genealogy, poem, verse or more.

Material: Georgia Gray Granite


Tablet (top): 4′ long x 6″ wide x 1’8 Height, polished on front and back with a rocky finish on top and sides.

Base (bottom): 5′ long x 1′ wide x 6″ height, polished on top with a rocky finish along the edges.

Turnaround time is approximately 4-10 weeks from the date you finalize your order, depending upon cemetery location and weather.

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