Gray Granite Cross Vase- 5″x10″


This lovely granite vase is the perfect finishing touch to any upright memorial! Measuring 5″ wide x 10″ tall, it is the perfect size for nearly any standard upright memorial.

Did you know- if you already have a granite flower pot you can remove it and replace it with this new one? That is something you can do yourself, or you can have us do it for you.

Purchase options:

  • Buy online and pick up in the store along with vase adhesive and instructions.
  • Buy online with the optional cemetery service ($75) and we will replace it for you. If you would like for us to do this for you, scroll down, look for the product with our logo labeled “Cemetery Services” and add it to your card.

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Additional information

Vase Dimensions

Vase measures 5" wide and 10" tall. It is shaped like a cross on all four sides and has one drain hole to allow for proper drainage.