Gray Granite Double Heart With Built In Flower Pot

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This memorial is featured on our Bob’s Bargains because it has been an outdoor “floor model” for several years and has experienced some discoloration and staining. The staining is visible in the image attached.

This memorial is larger than “standard” and will only fit on two grave spaces in the cemetery.

Individual names and dates would go in the book panels, and the last name(s) can go in the scroll or can go below the scroll. Due to the size of this stone there is room to add an additional saying on the front of the stone.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top)

Tablet measures 5' long x 8" thick x 2'4 tall. It is rocky on the top and sides and polished on the front and back. Monument features two hearts with a vase carved in between. The back has a drain hole to allow for water drainage.

Base (Bottom)

Base measures 7' long x 1'2 wide x 8" tall. It is polished on the top and rocky on the sides.


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