Hand Carved Angel and Single Heart


This beautiful angel and heart is hand carved from one block of black granite. The lighter gray color of the angel is actually the natural color of the granite before it is polished into the shiny black shown in the heart. This monument is hand carved on the front, back and side of the stone.

You will notice this stone is very similar to another that we have here in our store. The difference between the two memorials is the base (bottom part). This memorial offers a “bevel face base” that allows additional room for engraving. Thus why it is more expensive than the other model. An example of how another family utilized the space is in the photos below.

The price of this memorial includes the tablet (top) and base (bottom), engraving on the front and back of the heart, engraving on the polished bevel face (on the base), (1) flower pot, and installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top) Dimensions

2' long x 6" thick x 2'4 tall, hand carved and polished front and back.
Heart measures 14" tall x 15" wide and is polished.

Base (Bottom) Dimensions

Base is 3'6 L x 1'4 W x 8" H
It is polished on the top and it also has a 42" x 7" polished bevel face for engraving.
There is a 1" rock border at the bottom of the base on the front side and solid rock border on the sides and back to protect from the mower and weed eater.
Price includes engraving on the bevel face base as well as installation.

Vase (Flower Pot)

6" x 10" in all black granite. The vase does have a drain hole to allow for proper drainage and is secured.