Jenison Memorial Design

This beautiful laser etched scene takes you to a peaceful pasture and highlights a couple sharing a tender moment in time. The scene is stunning and you may find it hard to believe that the photo you see of the couple wasn’t taken in this pasture. In fact, the photo of Mr. & Mrs. Jenison was captured at a parade, when Miss Luann reached up to help Mr. Rick with his bandana. It was an amazing photo of the couple, one that Miss Luann knew she wanted to always remember. 

After visiting with Miss Luann about their life together and the memories they shared, it was determined that a peaceful pasture scene, complete with just the right number of symbolic deer, would be used as the background for this photo. 

This scene is laser etched into the back stone, thus creating a stunning scene from the natural color of the stone.  Laser etching is a wonderful way to add detail to any black granite memorial and simply requires an idea and/or a high-quality photograph to get started. 

This memorial is made of four pieces of solid black granite- the tablet (top), the base (bottom) and two vases. 


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Jenison Memorial Design

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