Just Between Us- Mother & Daughter Journal

As a mom who works in the death care industry, I know that I am not guaranteed tomorrow. When my daughters were young (around 9 & 10), I had heard about this journal and thought it was worth checking out. What I did not expect was for this journal to be a keepsake for my daughters that they will cherish one day when I am no longer here. This journal has writing prompts for both the mother and the daughter to discuss silly things such as “Mom, what were your top 10 most favorite songs when you were my age” and “Daughter, do you like sushi? Why?” as well as more serious things such as “Mom, what would you want your teenage year old self to know?” and “Daughter, what do you want your adult self to know?”.

This treasure is something that I recommend to all mothers and daughters- a keepsake that they will both cherish one day should life events leave them with only memories.


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