The Boulder Memorial


This memorial is a double memorial for two people and will only fit in the cemetery if it is centered over two plots. There is plenty of room for individual names and dates of life, as well other text on the front. You may optionally add engraved text on the back and/or flower pots.

The price includes installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR. We will contact you if your cemetery has any rules, regulations or requirements that result in additional charges.

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*Please note that, in the photo the tablet is sitting on plastic “chips”. That is so we can easily move the tablet here at our shop. The tablet is actually attached to the base when we install it in the cemetery for you.

Enter the name of the cemetery your memorial will be delivered to. If you do not know the name, please give us directions to the cemetery or a general location of it- we likely know the name based on that information. Please note, we only deliver to cemeteries within a 90 mile radius of Springdale, AR.
Some cemeteries require a pre-formed concrete pad and some people simply want one despite their cemetery not requiring one. It is important to note we place a dry pour foundation underneath each of the memorials we install, regardless of if they are receiving a concrete pad.
Please provide us directions to the plots within the cemetery. For example: Go in the gate, turn left on the first drive, about half way down on the right.
The cemeteries listed below charge a flagging fee that we must remit to them when we install your memorial. This fee is charged by the cemetery and is for the sexton to review and verify records and mark the plot.
We need to know if you want the front of the monument (the side with names and dates on it) to face toward the East or to the West.
We need to know the name, as you would like for it to appear on the monument, of the person who will be listed on the right hand side.
If the person on the right hand side has not passed away, please leave this blank.
Please list the name of the person on the left hand side as you would like for it to appear on the monument.
If the person on the left hand side has not passed away, please leave this blank.
Please enter any additional text you would like to have engraved on the front side of the monument. If none, enter "none"
Engraving text on the back is an additional charge.
What should the back say? If you want it arranged a specific way (such as listing specific names on a specific person's side of the stone, etc) please indicate that hee.
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Additional information

Tablet (Top)

Tablet measures 4' long x 8" wide x 2'4 tall. It is polished on front and back and rocky on top and sides.


Base measures 6' long x 1'2 wide x 8" tall. It is polished on top and rocky on the sides.

Granite Colors

Paradisio, Rustic Brown