Paulk Memorial Design

Two hearts, united as one- such beautiful symbolism found in this memorial! If you look closely at the black vase in the center (our photography wasn’t the best here), you will see that their wedding photo was laser etched into it. Such a sweet reminder of the day they were united in marriage. 

Notice the bench in the background? This is their bench, placed at the foot of the grave spaces. Benches are functional in that they offer seating, but also a beautiful addition to any plot. Underneath the bench you will notice a little plaque- that is Mr. Paulk’s military service plaque. 

This memorial headstone is made of five pieces of Georgia Gray granite- the arch and two tablets (top), the base (bottom), and the vase. The memorial bench is made of three pieces of Georgia Gray granite- the bench seat and two legs- and sits on top of a pre-formed concrete pad.


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Paulk Memorial Design

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