Pet Marker- Black Paw Print


Pets are part of the family – they are always excited to see you, love anything you cook and hang on every word you tell them. That is why it hurts so much to lose them.

Honoring your furry (or not so furry!) companions can be just as important as honoring the people in your life, and we are glad to help you do that.

This heart shaped pet marker includes the engraving and will be available for pick up at our Springdale store.

To order:

In the notes section of your order form please list your pet(s) name and indicate which design you would like: “Paw Prints on Our Hearts” or “No Longer By our Side”

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Additional information

Marker Dimensions

Made entirely of black granite. Marker measures 9.5" tall (from the highest point at the top of the paw to the bottom), 10" wide from side to side and 2" thick.
Due to it's thickness, this marker is not suitable for cemetery use, as the cemetery equipment could cause it to crack. It IS, however, perfect for home garden use.