Rustic Elegance Memorial


We love the rustic elegance featured in this memorial! Notice how the roses have been carved to look more “life like”? This is a process called shape carving, which is done by hand with a hand-held sandblast nozzle. It takes an incredible amount of expertise to get these roses looking perfect.

The roses are hugged by a shell rock border (also crafted by hand), lending just a touch of rustic roughness to the overall look. This monument is designed for one person and will fit on one plot.

The price includes the engraving on the front of the tablet (includes name, dates of life, additional line of text and/or an emblem or design component) and installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR. You may optionally had vases and/or engraved text on the back side of the monument.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top) Dimensions

Tablet measures: 36" L x 6" W x 22" H
Tablet features a rocky top and sides, shell rock border and shape carved roses on the front only. Back is flat and all polished.

Base (Bottom) Dimensions

Base measures 54" L x 12" W x 6" H and is polished on the top and rocky on the sides.