Rustic Gray Arrowhead


This one will not last long! Arrowheads have been popular this year, and this memorial is both rustic and stunning! It features what we call a “shell rock” border along the outside of the shape, enhancing the arrowhead features on the front side of the stone. The back side of the monument is smooth and does not have the shell rock border.

Included with this memorial is a tablet (top), as well as a base (bottom),  the engraving on the front side of the memorial and installation in most cemeteries. Vases and engraved text on the back of the monument are optional and not included in the price. Please note that you should already be aware if your cemetery has any requirements that will result in additional charges and we will contact you to discuss said charges if they apply.

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Additional information

Tablet Dimensions

Tablet (top part) measures: 2'6 long from widest tip to tip x 6" thick x 3' tall.

Base Dimensions

The base (bottom) measures: 3'6 long x 1' wide x 6" thick. The base is installed entirely above ground and a dry-pour foundation goes underneath it. This base length is a standard single length that is acceptable in most upright cemetery sections.

OPTIONAL Vase Dimensions

Vases measures 4" in diameter and 10" tall. They do have a drain hole to allow for proper drainage.