Sculpted Angel & Heart


This gorgeous angel and heart memorial is hand-sculpted from one piece of black granite. You will notice how the angel is a lighter color than the heart. That is because the heart is polished, which gives it a darker, more sleek tone, than the unpolished angel.

There is plenty of room for (1) engraved name and (2) dates of life on this memorial, as well as a short, extra line of text. There is also room to optionally add (1) flower pot and/or engraving on the back.

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Tablet (Top)

Tablet measures 2'6 long x 8" thick x 2'6 tall. The heart is polished on the front and back and the angel is fully hand-carved on the front and back. The top is made from one piece of solid black granite.

Base (Bottom)

Base is 3'6 long x 1'2 wide x 8" tall. It is polished on the top, features a 1.5" polished margin around the top and sides and is rocky below that.