Smith Memorial Design

This unique memorial is one of our favorites! When Miss Rita contacted us regarding a memorial for her late husband, Ralph, she told us that she wanted to incorporate a piece of petrified wood that he had found on their property. The piece had been sawn in half into two polished pieces, exposing a wonderous mix of colors that ranged from almost orange to black- they were beautiful!

When Miss Rita brought the pieces in we spent time looking at the pieces and holding various granite samples up next to them in search of the perfect pairing. Together we ultimately chose a solid black granite. Black granite has a beautiful light gray contrast that is typically highlighted in the engraving process. However, that natural light gray color did not provide a suitable color combination when viewed with the polished petrified wood. 

Keeping that in mind, we came up with the solution of utilizing bronze letters to add text to the stone. The resulting color combination was perfect and resulted in a beautifully unique and meaningful memorial. 

This memorial features three pieces of granite- the flower pot, the tablet (top) and the base (bottom)- two pieces of petrified wood and bronze letters. Stunning!


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Smith Memorial Design

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