Strokova Memorial Design

We love learning the stories of those we are memorializing, and Miss Ludy’s story is both beautiful and inspiring! Her daughter wished to capture many different elements of her life in this memorial, starting with the shape of it. 

Every country has design “norms” that you will see in the construction of their memorials. Miss Ludy was a native of Russia, so we used a memorial shape that is more commonly seen there. Isn’t it stunning? We love the texture of the layers cut from the stone on both the left and right side and the curvature and movement it creates.

On of Miss Ludy’s life pursuits included a love for the ocean and all that lived within it. She embarked upon a marine life research expedition across the Indian Ocean to Australia with a determination to learn all she could and later share it with the world. The hand-carved ocean waves on her memorial represent her passion for the ocean and the seagulls flying up above creates serenity against the crashing waves. 

The addition of her beautiful photo was the perfect touch to show others who this amazing woman was. 

 This memorial is a marker and is made of four pieces of granite- the base (Liberty Gray granite), the marker (black granite), the vase stand (Liberty Gray granite) and the vase (black granite).


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Strokova Memorial Design

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