Van Zant Memorial Design

Classic and timeless, this memorial was made with details in mind. If you were out at the cemetery
looking at this memorial, you would notice a matching monument for a family member sitting next door.
The family members’ monument was made several years ago and the desire was for this memorial to
match it. See the lightly colored lines up top? Those beautifully raised lines are called “flutes”. If you zoom in and look at the roses, you will notice the movement that has been delicately carved into the petals and
leaves. This added movement is called shape carving and is accomplished by skillfully utilizing a hand-
held sandblast nozzle. While it may not look complicated, this design took several hours to carve!
Fluting and/or shape carving is a great way to add texture to any memorial. How would you consider
utilizing this design idea for your loved one?


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Van Zant Memorial Design

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