Versatile Mahogany Double or Single Monument


Mahogany is a beautiful granite quarried in South Dakota. It was a very popular color in the 70’s and 80’s and is picking up in popularity once again. This memorial has plenty of room for a design in the corners and we have tons to choose from. Try a design that represents your faith, your career, your hobbies and so much more!

One thing we love about this particular size is that it could be used as a large single monument (for one person), or a small double monument (for two people). It is sized to fit on one plot in the cemetery but could be centered over two plots if you desired.

This monument features an all polished tablet on the top and also features a base with a polished margin around the top outer edge. This monument is marked down because we have had it in inventory for a while and would like to move it and make room for other pieces.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top) Dimensions

Tablet measures 2'6 L x 6" W x 1'8 H and is all polished

Base (Bottom) Dimensions

Base measures 3'6 L x 1' W x 6" H and is polished on the top and along the top outer edge. It has a rocky border along the bottom.