Slants are versatile memorials that are not a bevel marker but are also not a “true” upright. We like to call them a “hybrid”. 

Slants may be installed either with or without a base. Pictured below is an example of a slant without a base, as well as a slant with a base. 

Slant Without a Base
Slant With a Base

Slant Dimensions

Slants come at a standard 10" thickness.
The most common height is 1'4 tall and that is what we keep in inventory

The most common slant sizes are:
Single: 2-0x0-10x1-4
Double: 3-0x0-10x1-4

The Construction of a Slant

Adding Vases to a Slant WITHOUT a Base

Vases may be added to slants even if you are not adding a base.

To accomplish this, we use what is called a wall mount vase that is bolted to the back side of the slant. 

In the image to the left, you will see a vase that is mounted to the backside of a slant. These vases are made of a metal alloy and have a fairly glittery finish.

There are two styles and several colors to choose from.

Monarch Style Vase (Shown in Black)
Patriot Style Vase (Shown in Silver Gray)

Slant Bases

There are two types of commonly accepted slant bases:

Families may choose to add a granite base, or a pre-formed concrete pad underneath their slant. Of course, we prefer granite because it does not crack or crumble over time like concrete does.

You may add flower pots to one or both sides like you would an upright monument, as long as there is a granite base or concrete pad underneath the slant.

The general rule of thumb for slant base sizes is as follows:

  • If no flower pot is desired, the base should be 1′ longer than the slant
  • To add (1) flower pot, the base should be 1′ longer than the slant
  • To add (2) flower pots, the base should be 1.5′ longer than the slant
Slant on a Granite Base
Slant on a Pre-Formed Concrete Pad

Engraving on the Back of a Slant

The back side of the slant is a sawn finish, meaning it is sawn with a saw and left unpolished. This is perfect for engraving on the back!

Because the finish on the back is sawn, we do not need frosted panels to host our text. Rather, the text is sandblasted directly into the sawn finish.

Slant Shapes

Just add Creativity!

Like tablets, slants can come in many different shapes.

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