Outlined letters are an excellent choice for granites that have moderate contrast.

When we utilize outlined letters, we are creating contrast in the stone with the letter itself. We start by sandblasting a deep, v-cut outline around the entire letter and then finish by removing the polish from the letter.

This method creates a crisp, clean letter that stands out nicely on the stone.

Outlined Letters

Notice how these outline letters stand out on the granite? The outline around the letter creates a division between the polish of the stone and the light color of the sandblasted letter.

Outline letters do have limitations. The outline around the letter does require ample space on the stone to engrave. When families want large amounts of text in outline letters, on small stones, it is nearly impossible to accomplish with clarity. For this reason, we do not recommend this lettering style if you are selecting a smaller stone and also desire a large amount of text.

Colors That Look Nice With Outlined Letters

Monuments We've Made Featuring Outline Letters

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