Ballard Memorial Design

This beautiful memorial takes our breath away every time we look at it! We love how Mr. Ballard chose to use a polished bevel base to engrave their last name on. Adding a flower pot in between the wings was the perfect finishing touch to make this monument truly “pop” in the cemetery.

Did you know that this style of monument is called a “winged memorial”? They call them wings because there are two tablets one one base- similar to having two wings on one butterfly. Winged memorials are very popular and symbolize two individuals joined as one.

This memorial is made of four pieces of black granite- two tablets, one vase and one base. The family also chose to install the memorial on a preformed concrete pad, which further dresses up their overall look. If you are interested in creating a beautiful memorial for yourself or a loved one, please give us a call or contact us online and we will be glad to help!



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Ballard Memorial Design

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