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This international award-winning memorial is a beautiful tribute to a couple who wished to remember their favorite trip to the African Sahara. The intricate carving on this memorial was all carefully planned and ultimately hand-carved by our skilled team. 

When we first set out to create this memorial we consulted with both the family and our team of designers to develop a sketch of what the memorial should look like. Changes were made to the sketch until it was perfect for the Cohagan’s and then a clay model was made. 

The clay model allowed us to make changes to the design prior to it’s being hand-carved. This proved to be helpful to our team, as it allowed them to note every mark in the blades of grass, the canopy of the tree and skin of the animals. After the clay model was crafted to precision, the hand-carving process began. A total of two weeks was spent carving this memorial- time well-spent in our opinion!

This memorial is made of two pieces of Imperial Green granite- the tablet (top) and the base (bottom).


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Cahogan Design

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