Lafera Memorial Design

LaFera Memorial Design

Beautiful and sweet, this angelic memorial perfectly captures the gentle spirit of Christal LaFera. Notice the intricate detailing in the angel’s wings? If you were to look at this angel from the side you would see that she clearly has two wings- both perfectly detailed with feathers. Her face is carved with gentle features that display an eternal love for someone so loved and missed.

This tablet (top) is carved from one piece of stone with the more natural, light gray shade of the angel standing in contrast to the polished heart. The base has a strip of polish up top called a “polished margin” that truly dresses up the bottom portion of the memorial. A narrow vase stands for flowers and adornments brought by family and friends.

This memorial is made of three pieces of granite- the hand-carved tablet, the base and the flower pot. If you are interested in creating a wonderfully unique memorial, please give us a call or contact us online and we will be glad to help!


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LaFera Memorial Design

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