Single Mahogany Half-Serp Memorial


Dakota Mahogany is a beautiful memorial color!  This particular granite color features large chunks of quartz crystal throughout the stone, which shimmer and shine when exposed to the sunlight. The rocky top and edges, the frosted name panel- they all sparkle!

You will notice this design features a scroll with a rolled up edge on the right hand side. Did you know that this design holds special symbolism? Writing in the scroll represents one’s everlasting legacy and the rolled edge of the scroll represents that their life has ended. The book in the corner is raised on a pillar. This represents that whatever is in the book provided a foundation for one’s life. Some people like to have a scripture reference engraved in the book while others choose a meaningful word engraved.

This design has plenty of room to add a first, middle, maiden and last name, two dates of life and a meaningful line of text. There is also room on the back to add genealogical information if so desired.

The price of this monument includes engraving on the front & back (text only on the back), all pieces of granite shown here and installation in most cemeteries within 90 miles of Springdale, AR.

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Additional information

Tablet (Top)

Tablet measures 2' long x 6" thick x 20" tall. It is polished on the front and back, rocky on the top and sides. It's tallest point is on the left hand side and curves down on the right hand side.

Base (Bottom)

Base measures 3' long x 1' wide x 6" tall. It is polished on the top and rocky along the sides. Our standard foundation will be installed underneath the base.


This memorial comes with (1) vase. It measures 6" in diameter at the widest point and is 10" tall. It is all polished and does feature a weep hole to allow for draining.