Zeller Memorial Design

Bold and beautiful, just like the woman it represents, this memorial truly tells of the legacy Ms. Zeller left behind. The very first thing you may notice about this memorial is the vibrant red granite- isn’t it stunning?! The bright color naturally draws attention to this memorial, especially in the sunlight. 

Another thing you may immediately notice is the epitaph, or brief information written on the memorial. Utilizing an epitaph is a wonderful way to tell people more about a person you love. Here it lists personal, professional and military accomplishments in an interesting and thoughtful way. 

You may also notice the name panel up top and how it has books on either side of her last name. The books were designed to appear as though they are sitting on a shelf secondary to the name, thus creating a subtle 3D look. 

This memorial is made of two pieces of granite- the tablet (top) and the base (bottom). You will notice the tablet is polished on all 5 sides of the stone and the base hosts a classy strip of polish called a “polished margin” just above the rocky surface.


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Zeller Memorial Design

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