A visual graphic of a headstone foundation, headstone base and headstone tablet. The graphic shows how all three are combined and installed.

At this point you have been notified that your memorial is ready for installation. 

Behind the scenes, our team is busy coordinating delivery with the cemetery.

There are many unique factors to consider during the this phase, including weather, cemetery ground conditions, cemetery caretaker schedules, funeral schedules, equipment maintenance, staffing schedules and more.

Most orders stay in this phase for 1-8 weeks, depending upon the various factors mentioned above.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Can I meet you in the cemetery?  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any request to meet in the cemetery.
  • How do you know where to install the memorial? Our policy is to contact your cemetery’s caretaker to request that they mark exactly where they want your memorial installed. We combine their marking with the funeral home’s temporary marker and the information you provided at the time of purchase to ensure your memorial is perfectly placed. If you have concerns or believe confusion about your plot ownership/location may exist, we recommend that you contact your cemetery caretaker to ensure their records are correct.
  • Do I need to remove my decor at the gravesite? Our team has the utmost respect for you and your loved one. We will carefully set all items aside during installation and will place them back upon completion. We do recommend that you remove decor such as edging, concrete benches or statuary that may be in the way, breakable items such as glass vases, etc.
  • Will you contact me before installation? Because our schedule constantly changes, we are unable to contact you prior to installation. However, we will contact you after the memorial has been installed by phone call and email. 
  • There is a flag, spray painted line, or other marking at my loved one’s grave. What is this? We contact the cemetery before we install the monument. Each cemetery marks the plot in its own unique way. Please do not remove these markings- they are for our crew!
  • When will my monument be installed? Typically it will be installed in 1-8 weeks. If we have had frozen ground, rain, snow, ice, high winds, drought-like conditions or excessive heat, this timeline could vary. We will not run our crews if we believe their safety or the quality of our installations could be compromised. Other variables that impact our scheduling include funeral schedules, equipment maintenance, staffing, holidays and more.

If you have additional questions, please email us at info@emersonmonument.com or call us at 479-751-5573, and we will be glad to help you.

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