Our most deeply cut letters, v-cut letters are designed with both contrast and longevity in mind. 

When we engrave a monument, we are using the contrast between the polished surface of the stone and the it’s underlying untouched surface. The contrast between these two surfaces vary, with some stones have excellent contrast and others having little contrast.

While working with a stone that has little or low contrast, we create contrast by adding a frosted panel. The frosted panel is a rectangular area where we have lightly removed the polish of the stone. Once the polish has been removed, we engrave a v-cut letter into it. Doing it this way creates contrast so that, one day, when the paint in the letter comes out, you will always be able to read what the monument says. 

Why Use V-Cut Letters?

The monument to the left was NOT made by Emerson Monument Company. We discovered it in an out-of-state cemetery and it is the perfect example of what not to do.

See Rena Ruth's name? Do you notice how several of the letters seem to fade into the frosted panel (the book behind the text is a frosted panel). It is fading because the letters were not v-cut letters and, thus, they have little contrast.

You will also notice the text above Miss Rena's name. Notice how it is lost in the stone? That is the perfect example of why a frosted panel is needed behind text on a stone with little contrast. Do not let this happen to you!

This is another example of what NOT to do. The image to the left was not made by Emerson Monument Company.

The monument to the left does not have v-cut letters and does not use a frosted panel. Further, they did not use the right kind of paint. Just a few short years after installation, this memorial's message has been lost.

The Abe Lincoln Test

Sometimes it can be difficult to look inside of a letter and tell if it is a v-cut or not. As a general rule of thumb, if you put a penny in the engraved letter, and the surface touches Abe Lincoln's head, it is engraved deeply enough.

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