Ebony Mist Winged Memorial for Two


This beautiful memorial looks absolutely stunning after it has been engraved! While the options are endless, you might consider looking at our Haisty Memorial or our McCollough Memorial for design inspiration.

The monument features four pieces of Ebony Mist  granite- a center tablet, a “wing” tablet on either side and a base. It is designed for a minimum of two people and could be used for more if desired.

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Center Tablet

Center tablet measures 2' L x 8" W x 3'6 H and is polished on the front and back and rocky on the top and sides.

Wings (left and right of center tabelt)

There are two "wings" on this memorial- one of the left of the center tablet and one on the right. They both measure 1'6 L x 8" W x 1'2 H. They are polished on the front and back and rocky on the top and sides.


Base measures 6'6 long x 1'2 wide x 8" tall


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